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Once Again, We have made the paper!

As we read wait for another season of robots to start, we decide to use our time wisely. What better way to spend it then teaching other schools about the joy of technology. Plus an intervie from this years fearless Leader, Ruhmaa Bhatti!

Build Season Update – Week 2

Week Two Robot Build Blog

Even though this week was full of design breakthroughs and high fives, next week will definitely run at a slower pace due to final exams. We will have a lot of catching up to do when exams are over, but anything is possible with team work!

Build season is in full gear, our parts are arriving and the machines are rolling. No one understands the joy that comes from opening a big cardboard box and seeing brand new omni-wheels except an FRC member. The excitement that comes from receiving our shipments can only be matched by the exquisite drone of a horizontal band saw. Our team received both verbal and hands on safety training, allowing us to make use Western’s club workshop to manufacture our custom parts. So the answer to the age old question “What’s cooler than being cool?” is not “ice cold”, but SAFE.

Later in the week, we got down to business and tweaked our Frisbee shooter prototype, hopper and climbing mechanisms. The team split off into groups that worked specifically on different parts of the robot in order to maximize our efficiency. Our prototype launcher shot many Frisbees down the hall while we fielded them and returned them – only to repeat the process. Our hopper design is still crawling through the end of the design stage, but our custom frame is almost complete and ready to be wired! Our climbing mechanism prototype was put to the test shortly after we completed the assembly of our very own Ultimate Ascent pyramid!

Outside of our own team, the two rookie teams we are mentoring, 4525: Rambot and 4814: URL (United Robotics Team of London) are also doing very well. Rambot stole the spotlight on Rogers TV this week explaining their first experience with FRC. We share a workspace with URL, so we get to work closely with them, sharing some ideas and prototypes. Both teams are off to an awesome start, already having their robots driving around, ready to carry a Frisbee launcher and a climbing mechanism!

Be sure to stay up to date with Ram-Ferno by following us on Twitter @3756ramferno or liking us on Facebook “Laurier Robotics Team”!

Build Season Update – Week 1

Week One Robot Build Blog

It’s been one week since Kickoff on January 5th and the build season is well under way! Kickoff was held at Western University and 3756 Ram-Ferno was accompanied by rookie teams 4814 URL and 4525 Rambot. All 3 teams watched the live feed, then participated in strategy and brainstorm sessions. Kit-bots were coming together by the end of the night.

This year, Ram-Ferno is affiliated with WE FIRST to make sure this wonderful experience can continue even with the teacher union labour dispute and the consequential hit to extracurriculars. We are very grateful for all the gracious professionalism found in each and every WE FIRST member. With a fantastic workshop and experience to share, they have brought Ram-Ferno to a new height. Ram-Ferno will be working closely with the St. Josephs Catholic School Team: #4525 Rambot for the coming weeks. Welcoming a new team to the world of FIRST is always exciting for the mentor and rookie team, Rambot wastes no time in getting started and pulled out some interesting ideas during our several joined design and build meetings. They have us to count on and we will ensure their success this 2013 FRC season.

WE FIRST and both rookie teams are great to have around! We can bounce ideas and strategies between everyone which helps promote the idea of ‘coopertition’, one of the fundamentals of FIRST. Speaking of awesome ideas, our robot is going to be something spectacular this year. It has been coming together nicely with very thorough CADs (Computer Aided Design) to back it up. Not to mention there are constantly prototypes in the works. Climbing mechanism, shooter, drivetrain and much more!

For those who haven’t seen the challenge for this year, I give you Ultimate Ascent!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, without you this would never be possible. Be sure to stay up to date with Ram-Ferno by following us on Twitter @3756ramferno or liking us on Facebook “Laurier Robotics Team”!

Season Kickoff, Recruitment and Sponsorships

With the return to classes just days ago, RAM-Ferno has already kicked off the season with its first meeting on Thursday, September 6, 2012. With a long list of tasks to complete, it is great to see team members eager to get started.

As the new season starts, recruitment for new members will begin. Recruitment will start with the Grade 9 Club Day, which will allow us to share the wonderful opportunities the team brings with the new students to Laurier. No prior experience is required to join the team, and RAM-Ferno’s senior members will train new students in their area of interest.

Any student who is interested in joining the team, should listen to morning announcements, visit this site regularly and like our Facebook page for team meeting announcements.

Finally, we are always looking for companies to help us achieve our goals. Companies can assist our team in many ways, including providing our team with money, materials and/or mentors.

If you are interested in sponsoring our team, please click here for more information or contact us.


We look forward to another great season.

Clean-up and Appreciation Night

On Saturday morning, members of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School FIRST Robotics Team 3756 “RAM-Ferno” took part in the Clean and Green Community Cleanup. With the aid of our robot, “Prime”, students cleaned sections of Southdale and Pond Mills nearest the school. Our school based team is made possible through our many community partnerships, such as our title sponsor, Armo Tools. This is one way that the student group is able to serve our community in return for the support that was shown this past FIRST Robotics Competition season.

All members of the community are invited to mentor & sponsor appreciation night on May 17th at Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School (450 Millbank Drive, London, ON) at 7:00pm. Please RSVP to Richard Cooper at 519-452-2840 ext 63062.

Thank You, Waterloo

After months of planning and hard work, we once again participated at the Waterloo FIRST Robotics Regional Competition on March 22nd to 24th, 2012. We seated 5th and made it all the way to the semi-finals. It was a great few days with memories shared that will last a lifetime. Congratulations to our student leader Jared Baribeau and his partner Dylan Bender on amazing control of the robot. Also many thanks as well to our amazing programmers for making autonomous shooting a success, and builders for keeping it in shape. Many thanks to all our team supporters, mentors, sponsors, teachers, students and family who came to watch Prime in action. We would not have not made it this far without the support of all these people.

Bravo Zulu team on a job well done.

Sleep? No time! Bag and Tag is Upon Us!

After weeks of hard work, early mornings and late nights as well as weekends at the school and Armo Tool,  running Tim Hortons out of coffee (not literally), well fought debates and arguments, teachers running on their last straws and students sleeping in class, the last weekend is finally upon us. It is a long weekend (because of Family Day) and, yes, you have guessed it, we are spending it as a robotics family, building and preparing our robot for bagging and tagging. Rambotimous Prime, or Prime as most of us call him, will be ready for anything. It’s been busy and we expect it to get a lot busier as the season continues.

We once again thank ALL our sponsors, mentors, family, friends, team mates and teachers. Without these people we would not have a robot.

Announcing The New Rambo!

After much hemming and hawing, and thinking and contemplating, and experimenting and mixing, Ram-Ferno has finally decided on our new, evolutionary robot name. Drumroll please!……………… RAMBOTIMOUS PRIME!

This exemplary name comes from many different amazing role models. For example, keeping with our country’s National sport, the nick name of the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie is Optimus Reim, and one of the greatest and biggest of the Transformer movie good guys, is named Optimus Prime. And if there are any Latin buffs out there, Optimus Prime translates into “the first, and the best” (According to Google).

Once we had decided on the new name for our robot for this season, the t-shirts were ordered and were available for pick up on December 22nd. Keeping with the new robot name and RAM-Ferno, the back of the t-shirt was updated to a team member’s name, and then the word “prime”. So for example my t-shirt says “D’AGOSTINO PRIME”.

The new name for our robot is anticipating and predicting a fantastic season for our team, we hope to go really far this year, and Rambotimous Prime, the first and best robot, will be our ticket for getting there!

Lights, Clues, Action!

Alright get ready for this everybody, the page of supplies for the final FIRST contest was posted last week! It included a lot of lights, LEDs, big lights, small lights, and many of them, hundreds and thousands of them. Now FIRST is not saying what they will be used for, whether they will be a part of our kits, part of the arena, or they could even be decorations. But they gave us clues for a reason, unfortunately it cannot always be that easy! If we work together and put our heads together I’m sure we will come up with something! So we better get crackin’!


Hello everyone! We are still in need of sponsors if we want to compete in the 2011/2012 season. Last year our rookie team barely scraped by with the basic kit. This year we want to have an even more amazing team and robot.

No money = No robot!

We have paid the entrance fee for the First Robotics Competition in Waterloo, and that only got us the basic kit for a, well, basic robot! If we want to construct a better robot with upgrades  to play more games, then what do we need? Right, more money.

Basic kit = Basic robot

With more money we could go beyond the basic kit and we would be able to purchase upgrades for our robot. Now I wish I could say that the upgrades included rocket lasers, light sabres, jet engines, mighty claw arms and legs, monster truck wheels, and explosives to shoot down our opponents with, but in reality they offer even better upgrades than that! The upgrades can get us more packs, more abilities and factors, a better processor, and as well better controls. -So that means we might actually be able to make the robot move forward when we press the forward button instead of backwards! (Just a little humour towards the programming team!)

No money = “How are we going to get there?”

Even if we did build the most awesome and unbeatable robot in the world, there’s still one small problem. Travel expenses! It costs a lot to travel to Waterloo and St. Louis, and hopefully father. We would need a bus for  both ways, accommodations, and let’s face it, we’re teenagers, some of us need to to eat! The money that we would get from sponsors would go towards the robot, but also some of it would go to helping us trim down the travel expenses and costs for our team. Going to Waterloo is one thing, but travelling all the way to St. Louis is another. Don’t forget, travelling all the way to St. Louis in the United States is almost a full day bus ride.

We have a few sponsors right now, but if we want to compete and travel to competitions than we need more than “just enough”. Everyone on the team is a part of the sponsorship team and each one of us should always be keeping an eye out for potential sponsors and doing our best to convince them to sponsor us. We have a spectacular team and people need to know that!