Week One Robot Build Blog

It’s been one week since Kickoff on January 5th and the build season is well under way! Kickoff was held at Western University and 3756 Ram-Ferno was accompanied by rookie teams 4814 URL and 4525 Rambot. All 3 teams watched the live feed, then participated in strategy and brainstorm sessions. Kit-bots were coming together by the end of the night.

This year, Ram-Ferno is affiliated with WE FIRST to make sure this wonderful experience can continue even with the teacher union labour dispute and the consequential hit to extracurriculars. We are very grateful for all the gracious professionalism found in each and every WE FIRST member. With a fantastic workshop and experience to share, they have brought Ram-Ferno to a new height. Ram-Ferno will be working closely with the St. Josephs Catholic School Team: #4525 Rambot for the coming weeks. Welcoming a new team to the world of FIRST is always exciting for the mentor and rookie team, Rambot wastes no time in getting started and pulled out some interesting ideas during our several joined design and build meetings. They have us to count on and we will ensure their success this 2013 FRC season.

WE FIRST and both rookie teams are great to have around! We can bounce ideas and strategies between everyone which helps promote the idea of ‘coopertition’, one of the fundamentals of FIRST. Speaking of awesome ideas, our robot is going to be something spectacular this year. It has been coming together nicely with very thorough CADs (Computer Aided Design) to back it up. Not to mention there are constantly prototypes in the works. Climbing mechanism, shooter, drivetrain and much more!

For those who haven’t seen the challenge for this year, I give you Ultimate Ascent!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, without you this would never be possible. Be sure to stay up to date with Ram-Ferno by following us on Twitter @3756ramferno or liking us on Facebook “Laurier Robotics Team”!