Week Two Robot Build Blog

Even though this week was full of design breakthroughs and high fives, next week will definitely run at a slower pace due to final exams. We will have a lot of catching up to do when exams are over, but anything is possible with team work!

Build season is in full gear, our parts are arriving and the machines are rolling. No one understands the joy that comes from opening a big cardboard box and seeing brand new omni-wheels except an FRC member. The excitement that comes from receiving our shipments can only be matched by the exquisite drone of a horizontal band saw. Our team received both verbal and hands on safety training, allowing us to make use Western’s club workshop to manufacture our custom parts. So the answer to the age old question “What’s cooler than being cool?” is not “ice cold”, but SAFE.

Later in the week, we got down to business and tweaked our Frisbee shooter prototype, hopper and climbing mechanisms. The team split off into groups that worked specifically on different parts of the robot in order to maximize our efficiency. Our prototype launcher shot many Frisbees down the hall while we fielded them and returned them – only to repeat the process. Our hopper design is still crawling through the end of the design stage, but our custom frame is almost complete and ready to be wired! Our climbing mechanism prototype was put to the test shortly after we completed the assembly of our very own Ultimate Ascent pyramid!

Outside of our own team, the two rookie teams we are mentoring, 4525: Rambot and 4814: URL (United Robotics Team of London) are also doing very well. Rambot stole the spotlight on Rogers TV this week explaining their first experience with FRC. We share a workspace with URL, so we get to work closely with them, sharing some ideas and prototypes. Both teams are off to an awesome start, already having their robots driving around, ready to carry a Frisbee launcher and a climbing mechanism!

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