After much hemming and hawing, and thinking and contemplating, and experimenting and mixing, Ram-Ferno has finally decided on our new, evolutionary robot name. Drumroll please!……………… RAMBOTIMOUS PRIME!

This exemplary name comes from many different amazing role models. For example, keeping with our country’s National sport, the nick name of the Toronto Maple Leafs goalie is Optimus Reim, and one of the greatest and biggest of the Transformer movie good guys, is named Optimus Prime. And if there are any Latin buffs out there, Optimus Prime translates into “the first, and the best” (According to Google).

Once we had decided on the new name for our robot for this season, the t-shirts were ordered and were available for pick up on December 22nd. Keeping with the new robot name and RAM-Ferno, the back of the t-shirt was updated to a team member’s name, and then the word “prime”. So for example my t-shirt says “D’AGOSTINO PRIME”.

The new name for our robot is anticipating and predicting a fantastic season for our team, we hope to go really far this year, and Rambotimous Prime, the first and best robot, will be our ticket for getting there!