Hello everyone! We are still in need of sponsors if we want to compete in the 2011/2012 season. Last year our rookie team barely scraped by with the basic kit. This year we want to have an even more amazing team and robot.

No money = No robot!

We have paid the entrance fee for the First Robotics Competition in Waterloo, and that only got us the basic kit for a, well, basic robot! If we want to construct a better robot with upgrades  to play more games, then what do we need? Right, more money.

Basic kit = Basic robot

With more money we could go beyond the basic kit and we would be able to purchase upgrades for our robot. Now I wish I could say that the upgrades included rocket lasers, light sabres, jet engines, mighty claw arms and legs, monster truck wheels, and explosives to shoot down our opponents with, but in reality they offer even better upgrades than that! The upgrades can get us more packs, more abilities and factors, a better processor, and as well better controls. -So that means we might actually be able to make the robot move forward when we press the forward button instead of backwards! (Just a little humour towards the programming team!)

No money = “How are we going to get there?”

Even if we did build the most awesome and unbeatable robot in the world, there’s still one small problem. Travel expenses! It costs a lot to travel to Waterloo and St. Louis, and hopefully father. We would need a bus for  both ways, accommodations, and let’s face it, we’re teenagers, some of us need to to eat! The money that we would get from sponsors would go towards the robot, but also some of it would go to helping us trim down the travel expenses and costs for our team. Going to Waterloo is one thing, but travelling all the way to St. Louis is another. Don’t forget, travelling all the way to St. Louis in the United States is almost a full day bus ride.

We have a few sponsors right now, but if we want to compete and travel to competitions than we need more than “just enough”. Everyone on the team is a part of the sponsorship team and each one of us should always be keeping an eye out for potential sponsors and doing our best to convince them to sponsor us. We have a spectacular team and people need to know that!